Apex Biological Indicators


Apex Biological Indicators

Gaseous Hydrogen Peroxide Systems Products and Services

Apex Biological Indicator는 제약, 식품 그리고 의료용구 제조회사의 H202 Vapor sterilization에 사용하기 적합한 제품이다.

Apex Discs

Tyvek/Tyvek에 개별 포장된 BI

Diameter 8.89mm x Thick 0.2032mm

G.stearothermophilus Reference#12980

G.stearothermophilus Reference#7953

B.atrophaeus Reference#9372

Grade 304 stainless steel carrier : non-absorptive, no H202 residuals

Apex Ribbons

Bare stainless steel ribbons measure (6.35mm x 0.0762mm)

한 쪽 끝에만 Spore가 접종되어 있음

G.stearothermophilus Reference#12980

Convenient size and flexibility

Tri-Scale BI

Based on grade 304 stainless steel carriers; no residuals issues

One convenient Tyvek1/Tyvek package; three G. stearothermophilus populations (>1x104, >1x105, >1x106)

Technical Data

Product Species Type Min. Population Qty/Pk
Apex Discs G.stearothemophilus HMV-091 1.0 x106 100
Apex Ribbons G.stearothemophilus SBC-327 1.0 x106 100
Tri-Scale G.stearothemophilus LOG-456 Sets of Log 4, 5 and 6 50