Chemical Indicators

ProChem Indicators


Dry Heat Indicator Labels

Dry Heat Process Indicator Class 4

510(k) Cleared for Dry Heat Sterilization at 160℃

색상 변화 : Green → Brown (Dry Heat condition에 노출되었을 때)

Catalog # CI-DHI

Package : 1,000EA per Roll

ProChem SSI

Steam Process Indicator Class 4

Measure : time, temperature, presence of steam

132-135℃에서 3분

색상 변화 : White → Black

Catalog # CI-SINT

Package : 250EA per Pk

ProChem SSW

Steam Sterilization Integrator Class 5

510(k) Cleared

Moving front Integrator

115-138°C gravity, flash or pre-vacuum cycle에 사용 가능한 제품

Catalog # CI-SSW

Package : 250EA per Pk

Technical Data

Temperature Time in Minutes for ProChem SSW to Reach Accept Window
121℃ 30
132℃ 15
135℃ 10

O.K Cycle

Steam Sterilization Multi-Spot Indicator Class 5

121℃, 134℃의 Pre-vacuum steam sterilizers 에 사용 가능한 제품

Catalog # CI-OK

Package : 250EA per Pk

Stated Values
(As determined in a steam
sterilization resistometer)
Spot 121℃ 134℃
1 8분 3.25분
2 11분 4.5분
3 17분 7분
4 30분 11분

ProChem SSE

Steam Sterilization Emulator Class 6

510(k) Cleared

Conforms to ISO 11140-1:2005

135℃에서 3분, 132℃에서 4분

색상 변화 : Purple → Green

Catalog # CI-SSIX

Package : 250EA per Box